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Willow Malone

Willow Malone is an author who loves nothing more than diving deep into a good mystery. With a curious mind and a passion for writing, she has found her niche in the world of True Crime books. Willow enjoys the challenge of researching and piecing together a compelling story, one that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


When she's not chasing down leads or crafting her next book, Willow can be found chasing her grandkids around the house. She cherishes her time with her family and takes great pride in being a grandma.


In her downtime, Willow enjoys traveling with her husband. She finds inspiration in exploring new places and experiencing new cultures. Whether taking in the beauty of the mountains or lounging on an exotic sandy white beach, Scarlett is always up for an adventure.


With a passion for storytelling and a drive to uncover the truth, Willow Malone is an author who keeps you guessing until the end.

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